Public Debt Management 101

Debt Management 101

This course, based on one of the core modules of the Executive Master in Public Debt Management currently being developed, provides a wide and yet comprehensive introduction to public debt management. Delivered over a 10-day period by at least two trainers, it touches on a range of topics pertinent to PDM including:

  1. Recent debt crises, impact and resolution
  2. Debt within a Public Financial Management (PFM) context
  3. Legal and institutional aspects of debt management
  4. Determining the need for borrowing
  5. Debt & cash management
  6. External debt (public and private) and the loan cycle
  7. Domestic debt market development and borrowing
  8. Recent developments in PDM
  9. Sub-national debt
  10. Debt data accounting and statistics
  11. IT applications in PDM
  12. Contingent liabilities, on-lending and the issuance of government guarantees
  13. Assets and liabilities management
  14. Cost and risk trade offs
  15. Debt restructuring and rescheduling
  16. Devising and implementing a Debt Management Strategy

The course is aimed at new and existing staff working in organisations involved PDM and can be customized to the client’s needs.