World Bank Survey

The World Bank has published a Working Paper entitled “How strategically is Public Debt Management managed around the globe: a survey of Public Debt Management Strategies”.

The legal requirement  for and existence of a debt management strategy – as well as its approval, publication and dissemination – is regarded as a crucial indicator of the level of PDM and is indeed one of the DeMPA indicators.

117 countries responded to the survey. The results indicate that 60% of respondents have a formal debt management strategy in place and 40% (or 47 countries out of 117) did not.

Of those countries that have a debt management strategy in place:

  • 44% have a legal requirement to do so;
  • 97% have the document approved (mainly by the Minister of Finance);
  • 77% of countries make the document public;
  • 76% use some type of target or benchmark; and
  • 71% use a qualitative framework or model.

Broken down by country group, 58% of low income countries responded they have a formal debt management strategy in place.

The Working Paper can be accessed at: