Round the world in 80 minutes

PDM Practice has just uploaded links to the web sites of over 225 national agencies dealing with public debt management from around the world. This resource should be of tremendous value to debt managers as well as researchers and consultants. This blog explains how to make optimum use of this facility.


The links can be accessed by choosing Resources > Debt management agencies around the world on this web site. Clicking a site opens a new window (tab) in your browser, so that by closing this window, you are back to the list.


For practical purposes, the links are divided by geographical regions:

  • Africa – 64 entries
  • Asia (including the Middle East) – 53 entries
  • Europe – 51 entries
  • North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) – 30 entries
  • Oceania – 19 entries
  • South America – 13 entries

The agencies comprise debt management offices (legally established); ministries of finance and central banks. Some countries have more than one entries as debt management responsibilities are shared among two or more institutions. In cases where the web site has a distinct section on public debt management, the link will refer to this section as opposed to the Home page.

Practical Use

One of the main advantage of the facility is the ability to access all the links in one place and to be able to move from country to country with a few mouse clicks.

Visiting the national web sites will allow access to a wealth of information about country data; studies and in some cases even books published by countries. Unlike those of institutions, practically all these publications are free to download.

Besides accessing country specific data, the facility also allows a fair amount of comparative analysis – between two countries; within a region etc. For instance, many countries post their public debt management laws which provides a good comparison of the respective legal frameworks. The same goes for institutional arrangements.

Another example: at PDM practice we have been looking at the various Debt Bulletins published by a group of countries in terms of coverage, frequency, information provided etc. and the resource has proved invaluable for this task.

Many sites have an “Opportunities” section – where tenders are advertised. This will no doubt be of  interest to PDM consultants. Web sites will also provide contact details should you want to get in touch with the officials of a particular country.

Web masters will also find the facility useful and allow them to compare their own web sites with peer sites. Overall we have been very impressed by the quality of the web sites that we perused.

Accessing sites in other languages

Some of the sites may be in a foreign language. However many sites offer an English version which can be accessed by an icon (usually the United Kingdom flag) or the word “English” on the upper right (or sometimes left) of the Home Page. If this is not available, users can also use their browsers’ translation facility. We use Google Chrome as browser and the translation facility, though not perfect, is accurate enough. Document downloaded will tend to be in the original language and will need to be translated by other means. If you need help setting up the translation facility in your browser, please drop us a line.

Given the coverage, some web sites will inevitably be slow and may take some time to load, so please be patient. If a single site won’t load, you can check to see if other users are having the same problem by using the simple but very useful web tool Just enter the URL of any web site in the box provided and click on “or just me?” to find out if the web site is really down or if it is only you. Some sites may also be “down” for a period of time so please try and visit them later. However, if you encounter what is clearly a broken link please drop us an email through the Contact page and we re-check the link for you.


We hope that you will find the facility useful. We will be updating some of the gaps as the information comes in. Also check the Comments column where we will be flagging issues of interest to debt managers on particular web sites. Together with the other set of links “International and regional organisations involved in public debt management“, you will have access to a vast amount of web resources in debt management.